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Dr. Francesco Chiappelli
Los Angeles, California
General Dentist

Dr. Chiappelli trained at UCLA, and joined the faculty of the Division of Oral Biology & Medicine at the UCLA School of Dentistry close to two decades ago. He has established a research program aimed at optimizing the translation of fundamental research to increase and secure the efficacy and effectiveness of clinical intervention in dentistry. Specifically and cognizant of the urgency to synthesize research findings into consensus that may be translated into effective and efficacious clinical intervention, he has engaged in a substantial research effort to better define and characterize the protocols, applications and implications of the research synthesis design, acceptable sampling analysis, and meta-analysis for the generation of reliable and valid consensus of the best available evidence.

Thus emerged the model for translational comparative effectiveness and efficacy research and analysis for practice (T-CEERAP), which now allows practical integration and utilization in translational evidence-based dentistry. His expertise has granted him to become an “ADA Champion” in evidence-based dentistry.

He is listed in the roster of Fullbright specialists for his dedication to the pursuit of comparative effectiveness and efficacy research and analysis for practice world-wide.

He is the honorary president of the Brazilian Association for EBD. He has taught CE courses in this field locally, nationally, as well as internationally (e.g., Brazil, 2009; Europe, 2010; Saudi Arabia, projected

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