Academic Day at Loma Linda University

Featuring Lectures and Live Surgery with
Dr. Sascha Jovanovic, gIDE Founder & Academic Chairman
Dr. Jaime Lozada, Professor and Director, Advanced Education in Implant Dentistry
Dr. Joseph Kan, Professor, Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry





Personalized Clinical Training with small classroom


Demonstrations by Expert Faculty


Workshops with porcine models each session.


Diagnostics and planning of implant-supported treatment solutions.


Make friends and meet colleagues.


Online access to 400+ lectures and clinical videos and more.


Exclusive group where students & faculty stay connected, share cases and network.


Presented to peers and faculty for discussion + review


Program Certificate from gIDE and one day certificate from Loma Linda University awarded upon completion.


Provided as part of your mandatory self-study.


Extensive research compiled in digital format by program faculty.

Online education library

Online access to 400+ lectures and clinical videos and more.

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Session 1 - January 14 - 18, 2020 - Los Angeles, CA with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic & Dr. Mamaly Reshad

During the first 5 days of the one-year comprehensive Master Clinician Implant Training program all aspects of bone, soft tissue, and implant management will be featured including the critical steps in osseointegration and implant site development for long-term success, function and esthetics. Hands-on workshops with plastic and fresh porcine jaw models using microsurgical Hu-Friedy hand instruments, resorbable nylon and PTFE suture materials, W&H drill units, Nobel Biocare implant system, and bone regenerative materials are performed by the class and live surgery demonstrations by faculty. The restorative steps involved in osseointegration and implant prosthodontics are part of this session and will cover edentulous, multiple teeth, and single tooth restorations. Accurate impression taking, fit of framework, screw-retained vs cemented, abutment choice and occlusal design are highlighted in detail.

with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • Osseointegration, Bone Physiology, Anatomy, Implant selection and long term results
  • 5 Criteria for implant success and loading protocols
  • Patient selection, clinical evaluation and risk management
  • Diagnostics, radiographic evaluation and 3D Virtual Planning of the implant case and guided templates: guided templates vs surgical stents
  • Standard vs. complex/advanced case treatment planning
  • Esthetic anterior implant placement vs non-esthetic posterior implant placement
  • Extraction site management: immediate, early and late implant placement with their respective protocols
with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • Office set-up, patient selection and preparation, and pre and post medications
  • Flap design / incisions / sutures / hand instruments
  • Implant placement protocol without grafting, implant stability and site preparation
  • Principles of guided bone regeneration and augmentation: autologous, bone substitutes, bone grafts and GBR membranes
  • Surgical complications and their management
with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • 1/2 Day Live surgery: patient demonstration with implant and bone/soft tissue management
  • 1/2 Day Hands-on workshop: implant placement / tissue management / extraction socket treatment / guided bone regeneration protocol
with Dr. Mamaly Reshad
  • Edentulous surgical solutions:
  • All-on-4 protocol with bone regeneration
  • Overdenture implant placement
  • Grafting protocol with implant placement
  • Surgical complication of implant therapy and their management
  • Digital smile design
  • Digital photography
  • Digital 3D planning of implant and guided implant placement
with Dr. Mamaly Reshad
  • Prosthetic implant planning and start of restorative phase
  • Single tooth and multiple teeth restorations
  • Edentulous jaw therapy: All-on-4 vs overdenture
  • Guide stent design and fabrication
  • Impression techniques: closed and open tray
  • Cemented vs. screw retained prosthesis
  • Occlusal design and guards, and prosthetic frame work materials
  • Abutment selection and design: titanium and zirconia
  • Immediate function vs traditional healing periods
  • Implant prosthetic complications
  • Hands-on workshop: Impression/Techniques (optional)

Session 2 - April 1 - 4, 2020 - Los Angeles, CA with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic and Dr. Harel Simon

During Session II all aspects of soft tissue management and grafting before, during and after implant placement will be discussed as well as the complications seen with these procedures. Live Surgery demonstrations by faculty and the hands-on workshop in upper porcine models will highlight these procedures using microsurgical instruments and sutures. Advanced implant prosthodontics will be covered with lectures on full-mouth implant restorations, and mixed teeth/implant cases.

with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • Periodontal considerations around implants
  • Biologic width and soft tissue volume and keratinization
  • Optimal esthetic implant position for soft tissue stability
  • Abutment materials and design
  • Uncovering protocols for keratinization
  • Minimal Invasive soft tissue techniques
  • Soft tissue grafting using autologous and alternative options
  • Augmentation of soft tissue volume
  • Virtual Planning of the gingival margin and implant placement
with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • Exam #2 (Session I material)
  • Flap design, incisions, suture materials, and hand instrumentation
  • 10 Criteria for soft tissue esthetic results
  • Interdisciplinary approach: Perio-Pros-Ortho Connection
  • Soft tissue graft alternative options and their efficacy
  • Complications in the esthetic zone and soft tissue correction
  • Case I presentations graded by gIDE Faculty
with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • Live Surgery: 2 cases with esthetic implant placement and tissue management grafting in esthetic zone
  • Hands-on workshop with different soft tissue management and grafting procedures
with Dr. Harel Simon
  • Advanced Implant Prosthodontics
  • Patient intake, consultation and planning
  • Fixed full-mouth rehabilitation – edentulous
  • All ceramic bridge work and pink porcelain indications
  • Frame work fit and material choices
  • Fixed full mouth rehabilitation – partial edentulous
  • Complications in fixed pros

Session 3 - Postponed due to travel restrictions. New dates are under consideration.

During Session III all aspects of advanced implant procedures, ridge grafting, sinus augmentation and complications in implant dentistry will be featured. The Live Surgery demonstration and the hands-on workshop performed by class students will highlight procedures using GBR-grafts with barrier membranes and BMP-2 grafts with titanium mesh. The restorative aspect will focus on esthetic implant prosthodontics and the evidence and experience to deliver high-end esthetic work.

with Dr. Joseph Kan
  • Advanced ridge and sinus augmentation
  • New bone grafting techniques using growth factors
  • Implant complications and re-treatment
  • Edentulous jaw treatment solutions
  • Esthetic implant therapy
with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • Exam #5 (Session II material)
  • Hands-on workshop: advanced implant surgery and bone grafting
  • Live surgery: 2 cases with advanced surgery and implant placement
with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • Sinus bone grafting
  • Sinus osteotome results
  • Sinus complications
  • Ridge augmentation complications
  • Case II presentations graded by gIDE Faculty
with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • Esthetic implant prosthodontics
  • Immediate vs. delayed tooth replacement in the esthetic zone
  • Ceramic vs. PFM implant crowns
  • Computer guided approach
  • Socket grafts and soft tissue grafts
  • Abutment design, material and insertion timing
  • Complications and treatment options

Session 4 - September 20 – 24, 2021 - Los Angeles, CA
with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic, Dr. Egon Euwe, Dr. Jaime Lozada, Dr. Joseph Kan.

During the final 5 days of the Master Clinician Program new Research and Clinical Advances in Implant Dentistry, Radiology, Periodontics, Pharmacology, Oral Surgery and Oral Biology will be presented by the Program Chairman. Throughout the week implant patients will be presented with advanced and new technology treatment plans in lecture and live surgery format. Final exam and selected case presentations by class students will conclude the 1-year Program with a gIDE Certificate Ceremony and cocktail reception.

with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • Implant esthetic key points and complex case treatments
  • Live surgery #1: case study of implant esthetics
  • Exam #7 (Session III material)
  • Implant orthognatic surgery and change of jaw relation
with Dr. Jaime Lozada, Dr. Sascha Jovanovic and Dr. Egon Euwe
  • Bone grafting methods and options
  • Live surgery #2: case of implants and bone grafting
  • Final Exam #8 (cumulative)
  • Soft tissue grafting, options and complications
  • Live surgery #3: case of implants and soft tissue grafting
  • Immediate tooth replacement
with Faculty to be named
  • Prosthetic advances for the edentulous jaw
  • New solutions with All-on-4
  • Patient selection and preparation
  • Prosthetic and surgical complications
with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
  • Periodontal plastic surgery around teeth and implants
  • Esthetic dental materials and new prosthetic implant solutions
  • GBR treatment options and results, and new research data
with Dr. Sascha Jovanovic and Dr. Jaime Lozada (Graduation Day)
  • 30 years of sinus lift results and new trends for the treatment of the posterior maxilla
  • Live surgery #4: case study of sinus lift procedure
  • Periimplantitis incidence, treatment and prevention
  • Select Case Presentations by Graduating Class Participants
  • Certificate Awards Ceremony

Learn From the Best in Dentistry

Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic

Dr. Sascha Jovanovic is considered one of the founders of guided bone regeneration (GBR). He was formally trained in periodontics at UCLA School of Dentistry in Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University & in Prosthodontics at University of Aachen, Germany. He lectures extensively worldwide and has published over 60 articles and book chapters. Dr. Jovanovic practices dental implant therapy and bone & soft tissue reconstruction in Los Angeles. He is Founder and Academic Chairman of gIDE Institute, Associate Professor of Loma Linda University, Past-President of the European Association of Osseointegration (EAO) and Past-co-chairman of the UCLA dental implant center.

Dr. Mamaly Reshad

Dr. Mamaly Reshad is a Prosthodontist and the former Chairman for Fixed Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He completed his Masters Degree in Conservative Dentistry with Distinction at the Eastman Dental Institute, London University and his training in advanced Prosthodontics at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC. He has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals on various topics related to Prosthodontics, and Implant Dentistry and Aesthetics. His area of research expertise is in dental materials and Aesthetics. He maintains a private practice limited to Prosthodontics in London.

Dr. Joseph Kan

Dr. Joseph Kan completed his specialty training in Prosthodontics as well as the Master degree from the Implant Surgery from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry (LLUSD) in 1997. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Restorative Dentistry and the research coordinator for the Implant Dentistry Program in LLUSD. He also maintains a private practice limited to Prosthodontics and Implant Surgery.

Dr. Harel Simon

Dr. Harel Simon received his DMD degree from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel in 1991 and received his specialty certificate in advanced prosthodontics from UCLA School of Dentistry in 2000. He has conducted research, published and lectured nationally and internationally on esthetics and implant prosthodontics. He currently serves on the editorial review board of the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry and Quintessence International. Dr. Simon practices in Beverly Hills, CA.

Dr. Egon Euwe

Dr. Egon Euwe obtained his degree at the University of Utrecht (Holland). He studied under Dr. Sascha Jovanovic at UCLA from 1992 to 1996 and conducted clinical research on resorption of newly formed bone at the University of Milan. Dr. Euwe maintains a private practice focusing on periodontics and oral implantology. He lectures extensively in Italy and abroad on advanced implantology.

Dr. Jaime Lozada

Dr. Jaime Lozada is professor and director of the Advanced Education Program in Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry where he also received his Certificate in Implant Dentistry (87) and Prosthodontics (95). He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Implant Dentistry, past president of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Oral Implantology.

Dr. Kyle Stanley

Dr. Kyle Stanley graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC and then went on to complete a dental implant residency along with a dental implant specialty in Florianopolis, Brazil. While at USC, Dr. Stanley completed an 18-month Esthetic Selective program with the world leader and “father” of minimally invasive Biomimetic dentistry, Dr. Pascal Magne, and was honored with the Charles L. Pincus Award for outstanding achievements in esthetic dentistry by the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.


Sessions I - III

Meeting, Workshops & Live Surgeries

gIDE Institute
12217 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Sessions IV

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