Study Clubs

The gIDE Study club is a 'Unique Blend of Clinical Experience and Scientific Knowledge' of Dr. Jovanovic, the gIDE global expert faculty and its members and graduates. The study club uses the well known club structure, but adds more creative programming to maximize member benefit and interest.

Mission & Vision

To exceed the expectations of dentists worldwide who come to gIDE for excellence in continuing dental education, in the classroom and via the internet. At gIDE we are happy to be held to the highest standard ethically, clinically, technically.

Costa Rica Study Club

gIDE Costa Rica Study Club

Dr. Monica Fumero

Spain Study Club

gIDE Spain Study Club

Dr. Isabel Villarreal

Taiwan Study Club

gIDE Taiwan Study Club

Study Club Chairman
Dr. Cho, Hsiu-Feng

Study Club Vice Chairman
Dr. Huang, Chun-Wei

New York Study Club

gIDE New York Study Club

New York Club Director
Dr. David E. Azar

Colombia Study Club

gIDE Colombia Study Club

Medellin Club Director
Dr. Roberto Mejia

Medellin Club Co-Director
Dr. Sebastian Munoz

Bogota Club Director
Dr. Julio Garzon

China Study Club

gIDE China Study Club

Beijing Club Director
Dr Huan Huang

Japanese Study Club

gIDE UCLA Japanese Study Club

Study Club Chairman
Dr. Takanobu Yagasaki

Study Club Vice Chairman
Dr. Jumpei Okuda

Study Club Vice Chairman
Dr. Tomohisa Amakawa

Brazil Study Clubs

gIDE Brazil Study Clubs

Rio Club Director
Dr. Pierre Gentil

Recife Club Director
Dr. Adilson Filho Torreao

São Paulo Club Director
Dr. Robert Carvalho Da Silva

Brasília Club Director
Dr. Carlos Valladao Jr.

Bulgaria Study Club

gIDE Bulgaria Study Club

Sofia Club director
Dr Kiril Dinov

Varna Club Director
Dr Presiyan St. Krastev

Los Angeles Study Club

gIDE Los Angeles Study Club

Los Angeles Club Director
Dr. Sascha Jovanovic

Dr. Kyle Stanley

Dr. Harel Simon