3 DVDs by Dr Pascal Magne: Immediate Dentin Sealing | No Post No Crown | Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry (Members must login for Member discount)

Catalog Number:D273-00_D151-00_FLS-11

Authors: Dr. Pascal Magne

CE Credits: 5

Running Time: D273-00: 107min | D151-00: 109min | FLS-11: 90min

Language: English



D273-00 Immediate Dentin Sealing
After 20+ years of experience with Immediate Dentin Sealing (IDS) Dr. Magne is happy to report that this technique has consistently proven itself. Dr Magne will show how IDS adheres to the biomimetic approach to dentistry. He will explain the principles behind IDS. He will discuss its 20+ advantages, as well as its 2 disadvantages (both of which can be avoided). He will walk you step-by-step through 2 cases, and he will demonstrate the forgiving aspects of IDS in cases where all goes wrong.

D151-00 No Post No Crown
What is No-post, No-crown Biomimetic Dentistry? You may ask yourself as a practitioner: what is your core value? Should your restoration last forever? Or should the tooth substance underneath your restoration last forever? This lecture will help you decide.

New concepts called biomimetic principles will be discussed. You will learn about science. You will learn about common sense. You will learn about experience on bonded restorations and you will understand what is called the adhesive revolution. You will learn about laminate veneers, and bonded porcelain in the anterior dentition...Not only the cosmetic beauty of it but the foundations of biology, mechanics, function, and of course aesthetics. Posterior teeth will also be discussed and we will explore the amazing possibilities that are possible now because of those bonding techniques that have evolved both on anterior teeth and posterior teeth. We will discuss the immediate dentin sealing technique that should improve the quality of your bonding...

FLS-11 Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry
The goals of contemporary restorative dentistry and prosthodontics should be (1) the maintenance of the vitality of the teeth to be restored and (2) the maximum preservation of sound tooth structure. The core idea of the biomimetic principle in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics is that the intact tooth in its ideal hues and shades, and perhaps more importantly in its intracoronal anatomy, mechanics and location in the arch, is the guide to reconstruction and determinant of success. The approach is basically conservative and biologically sound. The application of the biomimetic principle involves returning all of the prepared dental tissues to full functional by the creation of a hard tissue bond that allows functional stresses to pass through the tooth, drawing the entire crown into the final functional biologic and esthetic result. Unlike traditional alloy restorations and cemented crowns, novel-design indirect composite resin/porcelain adhesive restorations are stress distributors and involve the crown of the tooth as a whole in supporting occlusal force and masticatory function. Indirect bonded restorations, also provide the practitioner with a noninvasive and social restorative tool owing to the minimum maintenance costs. One can anticipate considerable improvements such as in the treatment of crown-fractured and worn-down teeth, which should reduce the need for preprosthetic interventions (e.g. root canal therapy and crown-lengthening) and the use of intraradicular posts.


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