Adhesive & Esthetic Dentistry - Minimally Invasive Procedures (Part 4 of 4)

Catalog Number:LOD-269-00

Authors: Dr. Oswaldo Scopin de Andrade

CE Credits: 1

Running Time: 62 min



In Part 4 of his 4 part series on Adhesive & Esthetic Dentistry - Minimally Invasive Procedures, Dr. Oswaldo Scopin will present a step-by-step case report of a full mouth reconstruction based on the same procedure that is typically done for single restorations.

He will discuss the importance of the lab and will demonstrate clinical techniques for the best possible conservative approach for this sort of rehabilitation. When do we need to prep? When do we not need to prep?

Dr. Scopin will show some cases where prepping the tooth is needed and you have pre-existing composite. He will discuss thin veneers, and what is important to understand when selecting a prep or no prep design for laminated veneers.

Dr. Scopin will close with a case report showing a patient who needs to increase the vertical dimension only to the bonded restoration.

Release Date: June 22, 2015


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