All-on-4 Protocol for Dentate Patients

Catalog Number:LOD-305-00

Authors: Dr. Sanda Moldovan | Dr. Olga Malkin

CE Credits: 1

Running Time: 62 min

Language: English


All-on-4 Protocol for Dentate Patients

Release Date: September 08, 2017


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4 out of 5 stars (3 reviews)

Nice overview.

Daniel Camm

I have done over 130 All-on 4 restorations. This is a nice overview of the procedure for anyone unfamiliar with the procedure. There are two things I would like to see added: 1. The importance of angling the distal implants 30 degrees or more. Not just from a prosthetic-cantilever aspect, but from a biomechanical standpoint. 2. The video doesn't show how the position of the distal implants is decided. Since the upper ones have to be on the anterior wall of the sinus and the lower ones have to be 5mm mesial to the mental foramin, those structures need to be visualized surgically unless a CT surgical guide is used.

Nice job !

Dr. Francois Blackburn

Very good

Fady Ayoub

Very good