Endo or Implant - Rational decision making from an Endodontist's viewpoint

Catalog Number:LOD-029-00

Authors: Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan

CE Credits: 2

Running Time: 90 min



As an Endodontists who places implants, Dr. Buchanan presents a uniquely balanced argument for when to save teeth with endodontic therapy and when the patient will be better served by replacement of the tooth with an implant. Dr. Buchanan will first explain the procedural advances available from endodontic specialists to save many teeth previously thought to be unsalvageable, including microsurgery, MTA root repair material, ultrasonics, and state-of-the-art shaping, cleaning, and 3D obturation technology. Then he will discuss how the structural integrity of roots greatly affects the long term prognosis of endodontically-treated teeth and methods for maintaining the inherent strength of teeth being saved with RCT. Finally, Dr. Buchanan will explore the advantages and satisfaction of a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment planning with an emphasis on the new trend of endodontists to view themselves as understructure specialists.

Release Date: April 19, 2006


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