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Prof. Eric Rompen
Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Rompen received his degree in Dental Science in 1986, and his post-graduate degree in Oral Rehabilitation in 1989. Dr. Rompen is a professor and head of the Department of Periodontology/Dental Surgery at the University of Liège in Belgium. He is also responsible for the post-graduate program in Periodontology as well as the post-graduate program in implantology. He completed his Doctorate in Dental Medicine in 1991.

His teaching responsibilities at the University of Liège include periodontology, dental surgery and implant surgery.

His research interests include epidemiology and systemic impact of periodontal diseases, surgical management of tissue deficiencies, mechanisms of bone regeneration and soft and hard tissue integration of dental implants, as well as the development of biomaterials for tissue augmentation.

He served as the president of the Belgian Society of Periodontology from 2001–2004.

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