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Dr. Fernando Maravankin
Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Dentist

1. Chairman Professor of the Operative Dentistry 1 Office, School of Dentistry, Medical University, USAL- AOA (Universidad del Salvador/Asociacion Odontologica Argentina). 2. Master in Prosthodontics - UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires) 3. Chairman Professor of the Post Graduated School - AOA (Asociacion Odontologica Argentina). 4. Invited Professor of the Brazilian Group of Operative Dentistry Professors (GBPD) - Brazil. 5. Invited Professor in Operative Dentistry - Universidade Estadual de Porto Alegre, Parana, Brazil. 6. Member of the Assessor Committee of the Communication Department - Universidad Catolica de Montevideo, Uruguay. 7. Member of the Operative Dentistry and Dental Materials Society (SODyMD - AOA),Argentina. 8. Member of the Latin American Operative Dentistry and Biomaterials Society (ALODyB) 9. Member of the Assessor Editorial Committee of the RODyB Magazine from ALODyB. 10. International Member of the International College of Dentists. 11. Past President of the Operative Dentistry and Dental Materials Society (SODyMD - AOA), Argentina. 12. Author of six chapters in different books and several publications about Restorative Dentistry. 13. Lecturer in more than 300 courses and lectures in all Latin American countries, United States and Europe.

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