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Dr. George Perri
Whittier, California
General Dentist

George R. Perri is a faculty member in the Section of Advanced Prosthodontics at the UCLA School of Dentistry. He is a graduate of the UCLA dental school and he became part of the faculty after his graduation in 1981. He also currently practices general dentistry with a focus on implants, restorative and esthetic dentistry in his private practice in Whittier, California.

His current responsibilities at UCLA include: Director of the Mini-Residency for the Prosthetic and Surgical Applications of Implant Dentistry (Implants A to Z), Director of the Preceptorship Program for Advanced Implant Dentistry, and Advanced Treatment Planning.

Dr. Perri was involved in the original development of the UCLA abutment, especially in its use for esthetic restorations. His current clinical work is centered on developing systems to maximize efficiency, accuracy and success in the implant field. A major focus is developing a predictable understanding of the requirements for esthetic reconstruction and demonstrating effective methods for controlling forces generated by an over-denture on an underlying bar and implants. Another area of interest is assisting the transition of conventional dental offices to the implementation of surgical placement along with the restoration of dental implants.

Dr. Perri has lectured nationally and internationally on all aspects of restoring dental implants and practice management since 1988. He has authored and coauthored articles on implants and their effective use.

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