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Luc Rutten MDT
Tessenderlo, Belgium
Master Dental Technician

Luc Rutten and his brother Patrick graduated in dental technology at the Dental Technician School “Anneessens” in Brussels/Belgium.

After receiving their Master Degrees they moved to Cologne/Germany to specialize in different milling techniques and ceramic layering techniques. They lecture regularly all over Europe, in Australia, India, Israel,Japan, Saudi-Arabia, South-Africa and USA.

In addition to numerous publications in international dental journals on a regular basis in the fi eld of esthetic implantology and esthetics in general, Luc and Patrick are co-authors of several text books and authored the books “Implant Aesthetics” and “C, B and I: The Art of Harmony”.

Luc and Patrick maintain a dental laboratory in Tessenderlo/Belgium, dedicated to ceramic restorations and esthetic implantology.

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