Full Mouth Rehabilitation (Part 1 of 2) - A Systematic Approach

Catalog Number:LOD-243-00

Authors: Dr. Francesco Mintrone

CE Credits: 1

Running Time: 39 min



This lecture will be focused on the esthetics analysis that should be done every time when approaching an esthetic and functional rehabilitation.

Starting from the facial analysis and continuing with the dento-labial analysis, phonetic analysis, dental analysis and then finishing with some concepts of occlusion, we will try to provide a guideline to the full oral rehabilitation.

This presentation will examine, with a step by step approach, the rehabilitation of a case of dental erosion in which all operative stages are guided from the initial esthetic analysis and subsequent previsualization of the final tooth profile before starting any active therapy.

We will evaluate 3 cases of full mouth rehabilitation where the use of dental implants will become more consistent. In the last case we will focus on the planning phase as a result of aesthetic analysis in the way to place the implants in their perfect tridimensional position to support the esthetic rehabilitation.

Finally, we will evaluate a novel approach for implant screw-retained restorations in which we will use an adhesive combination of zirconia framework and lithium disilicate.

click here for more info on Part 2.

Learning Objectives:
- Learn how to make an Esthetic analysis to guide the decision process of the esthetic rehabilitation

- Learn how to proceed to create a correct treatment planning in the full mouth rehabilitation

- Learn key concepts of digital smile design

- Learn how to plan the implant’s tridimensional position consequential to the esthetic result we want to obtain

- Learn how to use the prosthetic esthetic material in a way to decrease the number of complications

Release Date: May 31, 2014


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