Horizontal Ridge Augmentation using GBR with a Native Collagen Membrane and 1:1 Ratio of Particulated Xenograft and Autologous Bone: A 1-Year Prospective Clinical Study

Catalog Number:LIT-052

Authors: Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic | Dr. Istvan Urban

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Aim: To clinically and radiographically evaluate bone regeneration of severe horizontal bone defects. Materials and Methods: This study was designed as a single cohort, prospective clinical trial. Partially or fully edentulous patients, having less then 4 mm of residual horizontal bone width were selected and consecutively treated with resorbable collagen membranes and a 1:1 mixture of particulated anorganic bovine bone and autogenous bone, 7 months before implant placement. Tapered body implants were inserted and loaded 3 to 6 months later with a screw retained crown or bridge. Outcomes were: implant survival rate, any biological and prosthetic complications, horizontal alveolar bone dimensional changes measured on cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) taken at baseline and at implant insertion, peri-implant marginal bone level changes measured on periapical radiographs, plaque index (PI), and bleeding on probing index (BoP).


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