NobelActive - Predictable Function and Aesthetics

Catalog Number:LOD-219-00

Authors: Dr. Ophir Fromovich

CE Credits: 1

Running Time: 60 min



This introductory lecture will take you on a journey to see how the NobelActive can help you through various cases ranging from simple to complex.First you will learn about the design, biologic, and feature of the NobelActive implant. We will show you how to utilize NobelActive in cases where there is a severe defect in the molar area after extraction where there is only 1mm, and what you can do in cases where you want to preserve the papilla between two implants.You will be shown the benefits of being able to change direction when placing NobelActive, and when it is best to do this. We will present hard cases: one involving severe atrophy in the mazilla, and another involving two missing congenital laterals in a limited spacing where a 3mm is utilized.You will learn how to best utilize NobelActive in All-on-4 and All-on-6 cases with fixation. We will also present a case where there is a failed implant and how we successfully replace it with immediate loading of a NobelActive.

Release Date: June 20, 2013


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