Nutrition - Designing Smiles from the Inside Out

Catalog Number:LOD-262-00

Authors: Dr. Sanda Moldovan

CE Credits: 1

Running Time: 40 min



In this presentation, Dr Sanda Moldovan will discuss nutrition as it applies to patient outcomes.

After years of study and experience as both a periodontist and nutritionist, Dr Moldovan has seen the connection between nutrition and clinical results.

We have a global epidemic of obesity Today. Over 30% of US adults are obese. What does that mean for us as practitioners? We know that these patients are not going to heal well. They are going to have a lot of inflamation, pain, and excessive swelling. This presentation will discuss how to deal with these patients.

Dr. Moldovan will discuss what is important in bone healing and soft tissue healing, and what nutritional support options are available for maximizing these processes.

Release: 1/24/2015 | Expires: 1/24/2018

Release Date: January 27, 2015


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