Piezosurgery - State of the Art in Implantology

Catalog Number:LOD-138-00

Authors: Dr. Tomaso Vercellotti

CE Credits: 1

Running Time: 61 min



Through the use of Piezosurgery (invented by Dr. Vercellotti) the new surgical technique, Differential Implant Site Preparation, will be introduced in order to optimize the bone preparation to obtain the best implant positioning.

Bone surface characteristics after Piezosurgery will be compared to that after twist-drill.

Advantages of Piezosurgery, such as less healing time, and easier post-op, will be discussed.

One of the most interesting applications is to do the Implant Site Preparation at the time of tooth extraction. This technique offers the beginner the opportunity to modify and correct mistakes during the surgery to obtain an optimal surgical result in the end.

Release Date: March 05, 2010


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