Soft Tissue Grafting for Implant Complications in the Esthetic Zone (CHINESE LANGUAGE ONLY)

Catalog Number:LOD-276-00

Authors: Dr. Paul Lin

CE Credits: N/A

Running Time: 128 min

Language: Chinese


In this lecture, discover how to utilize Soft Tissue Grafting for correcting implant complications. Utilize 5 pink dilemmas to analyze the implant complications in the esthetic zone. Determine what the problem is: Is it a buccal concavity problem? Marginal recession? Papilla loss? Asymmetry? Or is it a color & texture problem? Utilize several soft tissue techniques: free gingival graft; connective tissue graft; modified roll technique; and modified VIP-CT technique. For the purposes of correction Dr. Lin breaks down implant complications into 7 categories. The steps for managing implant complications are similar to periodontal therapy. With proper case selection, patient selection, and procedure selection you will be able to achieve management of complications by soft tissue in a predictable way.

Release Date: September 17, 2015


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