Restoration of Failing Teeth with Implants in the Aesthetic Zone - Surgical and Prosthetic Keys to Success - Part 2

Catalog Number:LOD-216-00

Authors: Dr. Tidu Mankoo

CE Credits: 1

Running Time: 30 min



The purpose of this two part series on "Restoration of 'Failing Teeth' with Implants in the Aesthetic Zone" is to help you predictably achieve highly esthetic outcomes that restore function and stand the test of time. This lecture will present the sound biological principles that can help you approach the treatment of challenging cases where your patient has a seriously compromised dentition. Surgical and prosthetic considerations will be discussed. Is the tooth maintainable? Is it more predictable to maintain the compromised tooth or extract and place an implant? We should always try to save the tooth if possible, but determining this requires analysis of the patient: How old is the patient? What is the tooth's dental history? What is the structural integrity of the tooth? What is the periodontal status? What are the functional demands? This lecture will present and discuss the key elements that we must consider when thinking about implants in the esthetic zone.

Release Date: June 20, 2013


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