Soft Tissue Behaviour And Integration Around Dental Implants

Catalog Number:LOD-021-00

Authors: Dr. Peter Schupbach

CE Credits: N/A

Running Time: 90 min



The scientific evidence on the biomaterial surface TiUniteTM will be given and compared to other implant surfaces. Several studies confirm and support the clinical benefits of the conductive properties of TiUniteTM, allowing bone and soft tissue to adhere along the implant surface and into the pores of the surface. This results in faster osseointegration and higher biological stability, thus minimizing time at risk for effective and safe Immediate FunctionTM. The clinical implications of TiUnite as Immdiate FunctionTM, reduced marginal bone loss, soft tissue integration and predictable esthetics will be discussed. In addition the scientific evidence of micro grooves along the threads and around the implant shoulder will be given. The introduction of the Groovy technology provides yet another step in implant development. With this technology, the speed of osseointegration can be further increased. The biological stability is enhanced by up to 30% allowing the use of groovy implants in soft bone.

Release Date: November 01, 2005


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