The 7 essential keys to success in Aesthetic Implant Restorations

Catalog Number:LOD-167-00

Authors: Dr. Christopher Ho

CE Credits: 1

Running Time: 67 min



This lecture will discuss the 7 essential keys to success in Aesthetic Implant Restorations:

1) Implant position, including bucco-lingual, apico-coronal and mesio-distal. 

2) Abutment design, including shape and form, how we want our implants to be more negative, especially in the mid-labial to maximize tissue thickness. 

3) Provisionalisation: how to develop provisionals using different types from cement-on to screw-retained, and how we modify that for our soft tissue aesthetics while using a restoratively based technique. 

4) Impression technique: how do we transfer the information from our provisional crown to our final impression.

5) abutment selection: we will discuss different abutment materials from gold, to titanium, to zirconia, and how do we determine which to use based on biocompatibility, aesthetics, cost, and strength.

6) Ceramics: the materials we choose to go on top of our implants and natural teeth, and how we decide which one to use for which case. 

7) implant papilla: how do we get good soft tissue aesthetics both for single teeth and cases where there are adjacent implants.


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