A to Z in Implant Dentistry (12 Lecture Certificate Series)

Catalog Number:LOD-002-00

Authors: Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic | Dr. George Perri

CE Credits: 24

Running Time: Approx 18 hours



12 course Series: A complete clinical CE course of 24 hours to get a restorative and surgical office trained with the placement and restoration of Osseointegrated implants. This course is intended as an entry and intermediate level of training for the general dentist to increase surgical and restorative implant experience or for the surgical specialist to increase restorative and surgical experience. The course is part of a complete web-based program with the intention to receive a certificate of completion after passing an exam. Certification Program: This course is a 24 hour CE certification course completed with an online examination and a Global Institute certificate of completion. TOPICS INCLUDE: - Office Set-up and Case Selection from a Restorative Perspective - Office Set-up and Case Selection from a Surgical Perspective - Posterior Implant Placement from a Restorative Perspective - Posterior Implant Placement from a Surgical Perspective - Anterior Implant Restoration: Beginning Considerations and Issues - Anterior Implant Placement: Single Missing Tooth - Surgical Criteria - Anterior Implant Restoration: Advanced Concerns - Anterior Surgical Implant Placement: Single Missing Tooth - Immediate Tooth Replacement and Restorative challenges - Immediate Tooth Replacement and Surgical challenges - The Edentulous Jaw Restoration: An evaluation of different restorative options - The Edentulous Jaw and different surgical treatment options

Release Date: January 27, 2004


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