Anterior Free-hand Bonding

Catalog Number:LOD-041-00

Authors: Dr. Didier Dietschi

CE Credits: 2

Running Time: 90 min



The dramatic improvement in the overall population oral health as well as the growing concern of patients for tissue preservation and dental aesthetics has rejuvenated 'free-hand bonding' and made it a primary treatment option for the anterior teeth. Today, composite resin restorations offer conservative, biological and esthetic solutions to many problems, which formerly could only be approached by expensive and more invasive ceramic restorations. However, composite systems are based on different layering concepts and as a consequence, the restoration esthetic potential is strictly linked to a perfect understanding of the shading concept and optical properties of the composite masses in relation with those of natural tissues.
Based on a thorough observation of natural esthetics and the application of the so-called 'natural layering', together with an appropriate selection of composite brands, the clinicians can produce beautiful natural like direct composite restorations. The lecture will cover fundamental knowledge about colour and optical properties of natural tissues, will overview the indications of composite restorations in the front teeth and will provide a comprehensive description of clinical procedures.

Release Date: October 25, 2006


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