Posterior Composites Restorations (Direct and Semidirect Techniques)

Catalog Number:LOD-043-00

Authors: Dr. Didier Dietschi

CE Credits: 2

Running Time: 90 min



The reduction in the carious disease incidence and the growing concern of patients for potential toxicity of metals and for dental aesthetics, have called the profession for developing restorative options adapted to new demands. Composites and adhesive techniques have then become the foundation of modern restorative dentistry, following tremendous improvements in material mechanical performances, wear resistance and aesthetic potential. Composite resins are currently used in a broad range of situations, including the treatment of initial decay to the restoration of extended and serial cavities, or the adhesive luting of ceramic work-pieces. However, polymerisation shrinkage of the resin matrix remains a crucial problem and still imposes certain limitations for the use of direct techniques. Therefore, other restorative options such as semidirect and indirect techniques have to be considered for large and deep cavity configurations. The lecture will overview decision criteria for the treatment of posterior teeth, the main restorative options at hand and will provide a comprehensive description of clinical procedures.

Release Date: December 05, 2006


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